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MAYEERTY Full Length Standing Mirror with Rustic Wood Frame

Reviewed by David • October 10, 2022

very long and lovely mirror with rustic frame, perfect as accent wall mirror

We initially got this to replace our 20 years old standing mirror in the master bedroom but my wife loved the rustic frame and it size so much that she asked me to remove the kickstand and move the hanging clips on the back so we can hang this in our dining room wall side way as an accent wall mirror and it looks amazing!

To be honest, I was very worried and nervous about buying mirror from Amazon because when we ordered small bathroom vanity mirror last month, the mirror was delivered cracked and shattered so we said to each other to never order anything glass or mirror online but this standing mirror was looking too good to be true so we took our chances but after receiving and opening the box, we knew there's no way this mirror could get damaged or broken during shipping because of the way they packaged the box. I couldn't believe how amazing job they did and was thoroughly impressed with so many layers of foams and thick cardboard boxes that were protecting this mirror and its frame. Very well done and thank you for packaging it the right way!

It's a full length standing mirror with 65" tall and 22" wide but it was looking too good to use as a standing mirror in our master bedroom so we decided to hang it as an accent wall mirror. It does has 2 hanging clips but they are positioned in a way that it can only hang vertically so I had to move both hanging clips so they can be hung horizontally and also remove the kick stand, which was relatively simple.

We get so many compliments about this accent wall mirror from our guests and we tell them to get this from Amazon without having to worry about potential damage because their packaging was just perfect. This mirror looks great hung on a wall but it would obviously make a great standing mirror to see yourself entire body. Price was great but packaging and frames are even better. Highly recommend it. Easily 10 out of 5 stars without any reservation. Very impressive mirror. Great job!

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