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Maximm Extension Cord 2 ft with Space-Saving Flat Plug Design

Reviewed by David • February 15, 2023

exactly what I needed to get rid of mess

We bought a mini beverage refrigerator for our dining room but its electric cable does not quiet reach the closest AC outlet so I had to use an existing extension cord that I had in my garage but it was way too long and the loose cable was driving me crazy on the floor so after looking for shorter one, I found this 2ft extension cable that was perfect for my need.

I got the 2 pack for just few additional bucks and I like that it has flat plug so it does not stick out from the outlet. I only wish the flat plug was angled in other way so that it will slant down rather than upwards but that might be my AC outlet problem and not necessarily this cable. My mini beverage refrigerator seems to like it and works without any problem.

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