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Maxi Down Alternative Bed Comforter 100% Cotton Cover

Reviewed by David • October 1, 2020

Amazing! Hands down better than Down!!

I purchased two Twin size comforters back in January 2012 for my two sons and after 7 years, they still love them!

Grant it that we wash and store them away during the early summer and take them out to use it in late fall when it gets chilly at night to sleep but these are still in great condition and is as fluffy and warm as when we first got them 7 years ago.

My sons say these are so comfortable and feel like they are sleeping in a cloud. The beauty is that it's light weight yet very thick so it keeps you cozy and toasty when you are covered.

The well-stitched boxes keep the fluffiness evenly distributed without shifting and you don't have to deal with goose feathers coming out or poking you like the Down comforters, ultimately losing the warmth in the area where enough goose feathers are lost.

Obviously the price for this comforter is also a big plus compared to the Down comforter but I honestly think this is hands down much better than Down (PUN intended). I highly recommended this comforter!

I hope my review helped you and feel free to leave comments or ask questions.

*** UPDATED ON 9/23/2019 ***

It's getting chilly at night and my daughter also wanted the same comforter as her brothers so we purchased this comforter again last week. It's been 7 years since we purchased this for our sons and the price has gone up (perhaps due to inflation?) but I'm happy to share that the quality of this comforter hasn't changed.
My daughter is now loving sleeping in this comforter. Well worth the money.

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