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Madison Avenue Aviator Mirrored Polarized Sunglasses

Reviewed by David • September 19, 2021

LOVE at first but HUGE disappointment at the beach...

At first, I loved this sunglasses... it fit well and looked really cool.
It comes with pretty cool case, which folds flat but can be easily converted to structured case.
However, I was immediately disappointed when I wore this at the beach and at swimming pool.
Not sure if it was the salt water or chlorine (probably both) but the shade color started peeling off in spots.
It got so bad that I couldn't even see it clearly because there were just too many spots...
I think this will be good shade for driving and walking around as long as you stay away from any water...
Too bad because I really liked this sunglasses and I wish I can get a replacement.
Still giving 2 stars since this can be a good sunglasses if you only wear it for driving inside the car.

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