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LIPOWER 2000W Solar Generator With 2 Solar Panels, LiFePO4 Portable Power Station MARS-2000

Reviewed by David • October 18, 2022

impressive power station, quickly gaining my trust and confidence

I have many power stations ranging from 300W to 2,000W capacity because I do many outdoor activities such as camping, road trip, fishing, and even working with power tools in my backyard. On top of that, our neighborhood loses power often and more so these days with climate changes. We sometimes loses electricity for more than a day so I got few big power stations to temporarily power my refrigerator and other electric appliances. Jackery, Goal Zero and Bluetti are big names in power stations but there are also not so well know but still reputable names such as ECOFLOW, ROCKPALS, and this LIPOWER. I have 300W LIPOWER portable power station, which is one of my favorites for its portability due to size, weight, durability, and material to withstand outdoor unknowns. I love my 300W LIPOWER power station in so many ways except for its Lithium-Ion battery because I would prefer LiFePO4 battery instead. That's why I had to get this LIPOWER 2000W with 2 solar panels when I saw that it has LiFePO4 battery with 4000W peak capacity.


The power station and the solar panels were shipped separately and delivered on different date, which is not a big deal. Both power station and solar panels were double and tripled boxed and inside its retail packaging box, the unit was well protected with fitted foam to prevent bumps and excessive shakes during shipping and handling. I was drooling when I took the power station out from the box because of its beauty. I love the yellow color of the power station and the material is not a cheap plastic but rather rugged plastic that can withstand outdoor dust and water.


Each solar panel is capable of producing 100W given there's enough and strong sun light outside. It came with a splitter cable so both solar panels can power the power station at the same time. It has a zippered compartment on the back with 2 USB-A ports and 1 USB-C PD port that can be used to charge connected devices. It also comes with 2 charging cables for power station where one has DC connector and the other has black/red square connector that fits directly to this power station's solar input. Each solar panel has 3 foldable kickstands that places the solar panels in optimal angle for direct sun lights. Summer is already over and sun is not as hot but I was still able to get consistent 148 to 150W input from these 2 solar panels in my backyard. I love that I can use this solar panel to charge my phone or other USB devices directly, and even other power stations using DC connector.


It has big and clear LED display screen that shows the battery level as well as total input and output in digital numbers. I love that I can recharge this power station using both electric outlet and USB-C PD port for faster charging. I was able to get 260W peak input to charge this power station.
This power station can handle up to 2000W output without any hiccup and has 4000W peak output, which is just temporary state to support certain appliances that need higher watt to jump start it.
It has 3 AC outlets, 3 USB-A ports, 1 USB-C PD port, 2 DC ports and 1 car charging port. The fan does kick in when AC outlet is being used for long time but it's amazingly quiet compared to other equivalent power stations. I love the two handles on each ends for easy grip to lift and carry. It's little over 30lbs in weight, which actually isn't that heavy considering that it has LiFePO4 batteries, which tends to be heavier than Lithium-Ion and my ECOFLOW and LEOCH power stations are much heavier than this LIPOWER, not to mention they are much bigger in size as well. So this 2000W LIPOWER power station is considerably small in size and lighter in weight compared to other equivalent power stations and I just love that it has LiFePO4 batteries, which is much safer and has higher cycle rates, which means it will last for years to come without losing performance and charge capacity.


LIPOWER has quickly become one of my favorite brands that I can trust. I have use it to power my beverage refrigerator, portable car refrigerator, portable fan and heater, as well as hair dryers. We will take these to our camping trips and we won't need to bring any other chargers. We will be ready the next time we lose power in our house and we are also planning to get wood pallet stove to heat our house during the winter but this requires electricity so this power station will come in handy during winter when we lose power so we can still use the wood pallet stove for heating. I highly recommend this power station and any other LIPOWER power stations for that matter. I would also recommend that you always get LiFePO4 battery power station over Lithium-Ion for better bang for the buck. I would give 10 stars!

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