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Lechepus 14 Inch Hybrid Memory Foam Mattresses with Individual Pocket Springs

Reviewed by David • October 4, 2022

amazing experience all around

We bought this mattress to replace our daughter's 10 years old mattress that we bought from a local mattress store because she said it's too bouncy and springy. Her old mattress was very springy mattress that we got when she was a baby but as she got older and bigger, it was just too soft and springy for her weight. We bought all our mattress at a mattress store and because they charge delivery fee, we actually bought and brought the mattress on our own in our SUV and it was big pain in the neck due to the size of the mattress that barely fit inside the SUV. I can't believe we can order 14 inch mattress from Amazon and it get delivered inside a box that we can easily handle and manage without having to put a foot outside the house.

The box was surprisingly small considering there a twin mattress inside rolled up but it was very heavy, weighting about 70lbs so I suggest 2 people to lift and handle the box. Once the box is opened, the rolled up mattress inside a compressed air bag can be taken out then unrolled on a bed then open the sides using the provided utility knife, which will immediately puff up the mattress to go back to the original shape. It's amazing how small things can be packed when air is removed from it and its surroundings. Once we opened the plastic bag, it took less than 30 minutes to become a mattress in an original form but they do recommend leaving it for 48 hours before using it.

This 14 inch mattress has many layers including individually wrapped coils and multiple layers of foams, including memory foam underneath the breathable fabric top. It has enough firmness for my daughter to support her weight without being too bouncy and the memory foam makes it very plush and soft to lay on it. My daughter absolutely loves it and she looks forward to sleeping on this mattress every night. Highly recommend it! Well designed and packaged for convenience but without losing practicality.

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