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LCD Display Fully Waterproof Pinpoint Metal Detector Pinpointer

Reviewed by David • November 22, 2022

finally a ultra portable metal detector!

We have a metal detector that is 5 feet long, the ones you see on the beach by people scanning the sand. My kids like it but it's too bulky and long to carry around to the beach so I decided to try this portable pinpoint metal detector and I love it! It's very accurate and can scan 360 degrees around the tip. I like that it has LED flashlight option for night and it has LCD screen to display the signal strength as well as battery level, which by the way uses 9V battery that they provide. I appreciate that not only they provide the battery but it uses 9V battery rather than AA or AAA since 9V battery lasts much longer.

It comes with a wrist strap as well as holster for your belt. I wish the wrist strap can be attached to a hole on the device rather than a using a velcro strap, which can come off if not strapped tightly, and the power button should be somewhat covered or indented so that it doesn't accidentally get turned on when it's inserted into the holster. These 2 are definitely minor improvements they can make in the future model.

I love that it has sound, vibration, and both option modes so that you don't annoy the people around you with sound when using in crowded area. It's cool that the probe tip can be used to dig the sand but we will most likely have a sand shovel with us when using it at the beach. We tested out in our backyard on the grass and confirm that it's very accurate and can scan metal really well. I just love the size and portability. Highly recommend it!

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