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KOHAM Cordless Electric Pruning Shears with Intelligent LED Screen

Reviewed by David • June 3, 2021

makes the pruning job easy and effortless

It's Spring season so it's time to prune those bad branches around the yards.
I have 2 Fiskars pruning shears and have used them for several years but it's getting harder and harder to use them because I have pain in my hand whenever I use them for long time for squeezing them to prune the branches. I finally decided to invest in electric pruning shears to ease the pain and I could not be more happy with this.


[+] It comes with 2 batteries for uninterrupted pruning action - if the battery runs out, simply charge it when using the 2nd battery.
[+] The charging station can charge both batteries at the same time - great design
[+] LED screen on top that displays the battery level, total # of cuts so far, and total # of cuts for the current session when it was powered on
[+] Great safety features - press and hold the power button to turn on and off, quick 2 trigger pull will open the blades, and pull and hold the trigger for few seconds to close the blade
[+] Can cut branches up to 1 inch in diameter - makes the job easy and effortless
[+] Comfortable handle and easy to pull the trigger
[+] User manual with large font that you can actually read with easy to understand diagrams
[+] Great packaging with fitted form, which can be used as a storage box when not using


[-] Absolutely nothing!


Easily 10 out of 5 stars. I can now prune all day since all I have to do is pull the trigger so I'm not exerting any energy in my hand anymore. Having 2 batteries allows me to use it longer too. A great buy!

Updated on June 10th, 20202
I liked this cordless electric pruning shears so much that I bought another one from the same company but with 1.2" wide blades. It's the red one in the picture but it doesn't have LED screen like this one. It also makes very loud, high pitch sound whenever you use it that is very annoying.
This blue one with intelligent LED screen is so much better than the more expensive red one. I also found that if you accidentally touch the blade with your bare hand, it somehow recognizes that and it beeps and does not function. Very cool safety feature. I didn't realize how amazing this cordless electric pruning shears is until I was able to compare it with another one. Highly recommend this product!

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