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Knowlife Folding Wagon Cart with Wheels

Reviewed by David • June 15, 2021

perfect for our annual vacation to Wildwood, NJ

Our family goes to Wildwood, NJ every summer for 1 week as vacation.
We always stay on the beach front house for convenience of not having to drive to the beach then come back at the end of the day.
However, Wildwood is known for having a very wide beach area where the walk from the board walk to the water is pretty far with the deep sand in between.

We have 3 children so we have many things to lug to the beach every day, such as ice box, multiple beach chairs, beach toys, towels, and 2 beach tents. It does get tiring lugging all these (mostly on me) back and forth so we finally decided to get this beach wagon and I definitely made the right choice.


[+] Wide 4" wheels that can rotate 360 degrees for easier maneuvering. Wide wheels are the most important factor for beach so they don't sink into the sand!
[+] It can be folded when not in use to save storage space and wheels are designed so that they don't overlap! Very neat design.
[+] Made out of heavy duty steel frames that can supposedly load up to 300lbs! Wow...
[+] The handle can be pulled out and retracted to longer length to accommodate people in different height.
[+] Waterproof and heavy duty 600D polyester fabric with two cup holders in front.
[+] Also comes with a matching cover to protect the wagon when folded.
[+] Spacious room to carry everything we need for the beach.


[-] Can't think of any!


Easily 5 out of 5 stars. It was very quick and easy to fold and unfold the wagon. I also tried it on our grass yard and it rolled very smoothly. We absolutely love it and this is something we should have bought 5 years ago when we first started going to Wildwood, NJ vacation. Highly recommend this to anyone spending a day at the beach with many things to lug. It will also be perfect if you have a toddlers who doesn't like to walk on the sand as well!

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