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Keppi Adjustable Weight Bench

Reviewed by David • February 22, 2022

high quality weight bench with many adjustability and foldaway design

3 years ago, I was on a mission to lose weight and to stay in shape so I started strength training at home and purchased many weight training equipment. I ended up losing about 20lbs and built muscles that I never had 2 years ago and I was in best shape of my life Then COVID came last year and I stopped exercising and gained most of my weight back....

My sons and my wife wanted to start strength training at home but I decide to start my weight lifting with them. I already have barbell as well as squat stands that can be used as bench press stand so I really wanted to get a weight bench that is versatile enough for various weight training and not just for bench press and landed on this particular one.

This weight bench is adjustable in many ways and I love the fact that it can be folded away for storage when not in use because I'm running out of space in my basement with all the strength training equipment but the one of the main reasons why I chose this particular weight bench is because I own adjustable dumbbell set from the same company, which I love. I actually purchased few adjustable dumbbells during this past summer but I loved this brand the most because it was the only adjustable dumbbell that allowed me to change the weight with just one hand within a second. All other adjustable dumbbells needed to two hands or need to rotate the dials (sometimes on both ends) in order to change the weight. Their dumbbells can change the weight while holding their handle grip then simply rotating it. I was thoroughly impressed with their design and quality of the adjustable dumbbells so I decided to try their adjustable weight bench and I'm glad I did.

The weight bench was delivered well packaged in a thick box and once removed from the box, only thing that I needed to assemble was to attach the rear foot base with the provided hex tool and slide in the foot pads! I was surprised how small the box was but realized that it was because the weight bench takes up very little space when folded. It also came with few resistance bands, which my wife and kids appreciate for their exercises but for me, I would be mostly using the adjustable dumbbells and triceps bar with this bench.

The bench padding is very thick and has good cushion for comfort yet can be easily cleaned and wiped.
The steel frames and base are heavy and wide, making it very stable and sturdy when sitting on laying on it. The back padding can be adjusted in 8 different position from 90 degrees upright to 180 degrees flat as well as -20 degrees decline. The seating area itself can be adjusted in 4 different positions so you can be in full 20 degrees decline position. I also appreciate that it has foot pads, which also can be adjusted in 3 positions, so I can use this bench to do sit ups for my abs.

I'm glad I bought this weight bench and I can now up my strength training by easily and quickly adjusting the back pad for different incline or simply laying on it flat, which is much more comfortable than my padded floor mat, not to mention I'm off the ground so I have more arms and elbow space. You really can't go wrong with this high quality weight bench at this price. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to build strength training gym at home, especially for someone who does not have enough space like myself. Bravo!

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