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Keppi Adjustable Dumbbells - 25lb Dumbbell with Anti-Slip Metal Handle

Reviewed by David • July 29, 2021

don't make the same mistake I made... GET THESE from the beginning!

I have several dumbbells at home for my teenager sons. I have the fixed 5lb, 10lb, 15lb dumbbells as well as dumbbells that you can add or remove weight plates to change the weight. However, they end up taking too much valuable space in my home gym and worst of all, my sons get lazy with changing weight plates, not to mention changing it back after using it. So they end up using the fixed dumbbells more often but they got to the point where they now need the 20lb dumbbells so I was looking for one in the market and came across this wonderful, adjustable dumbbells that can be adjusted from 5lb to 25lbs in 5 pound increment and I'm so glad I found this because they are simply amazing!

First of all, I was so impressed with their packaging. It just has 2 pieces (dumbbell and plate) but both of them were well protected with thick, fitted foams so they don't move or get damaged with bumps and drops. It also came with a poster size user manual and it had pictures of various exercise you can do with the dumbbells on the back of it.

I never had an adjustable dumbbell before but this is so cleverly designed. You can literally change the weight in 1 second by simply rotating the handle bar while the dumbbell is on the plate. There's clear marking of the weight from 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 on both ends of the handle with an arrow to indicate which weight has been selected. It also makes a clicking sound when you rotate the handle so you know when the change has been set and locked in. Very clear, quick and easy way to change the weight. It really can't get any easier, simpler and faster!

I was a bit worried that the dumbbell weight plates might come loose or fall off when exercising but I was again impressed that the plates stays in place and you can't even rotate the handle to change the weight once the dumbbell comes out from the plate. The handle has non-slip grip and is well shaped for comfortable and solid grip. It seems everything is made out of high quality material.

Finally, I just love the space saving feature and now I can get rid of all our fixed dumbbells. No more clutter or misplacing or even adding/removing weight plates. Just turn the handle to set the dial then lift to start working out. In fact, I get grab both dumbbells and change the weights at the same time on both of them. It's that easy! Although I was looking for 20lb dumbbells for my teenager sons, I'm happy that this can be used up to 25lbs, which I'm sure they will need eventually. What's so crazy is that the price of this dumbbell is actually cheaper than all of my fixed dumbbells. This is just a no-brainer!


Don't make the same mistake that I made when buying dumbbells. Just buy this adjustable dumbbell from the beginning and save yourself time, money, and space! This is truly amazing and impressive dumbbells that is cleverly designed. I highly recommend this adjustable dumbbells without any reservation. 10 out of 5 stars! I know you will love them and be impressed with them just as I do.

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