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KAMPKEEPER Golf Practice Hitting Nets and Full Size Gazebo

Reviewed by David • November 8, 2022

great 2 in 1 canopy for golf swing practice in the backyard + TIP

I played golf for over 20 years and my son started getting into golf along with my wife so I got this to give lessons and to practice myself because I hate going to the driving range. I would rather go out to the field to play golf than to go to the range but I do need a way to get warmed up and practice swings before the game so this worked out perfectly.

It came inside a nice storage bag with 2 sturdy handles on each side for carrying but it also has 2 wheels so you can wheel it if needed. I was able to set it up by myself the very first time but it was challenging because of the part where I had to extend the canopy frames while lifting the top frames. It's so much easier to set up by 2 or more people since 2 people can hold the canopy frame on opposite end and pull it out while raising the frame. This step is no different than setting up a canopy, which brings to the point that this can be used as a standalone canopy, hence 2 in 1.

Although it came with pictured setup instruction, setting up the golf net inside the canopy was confusing at first but once I figured it out, it was very quick and easy from 2nd time onwards.
TIP: Look for 4 bright orange covered hooks and they should be first hooked onto each of the top corner taps. Once they are hooked on top corners, you can then hook the gray covered hooks on to the hole on the bottom of the canopy frame near the base. These 8 hooks will provide good structure to the net and you can then snap on the plastic hooks on to the frame then snap in the buckles onto each pole.

At first, I was worried because the canopy has many aluminum frames on the ceiling and if the golf ball hits the frame, it can bounce back anywhere very hard. Luckily, the golf net not only covers the 3 sides but also the ceiling with enough tension where golf ball will immediately drop down once it hits the net.

I was very impressed with this canopy for golf swing practice, especially the sloped design to roll down the golf balls for easy retrieval. There's also pocket nets on both ends to catch the golf balls, which is a nice touch. I only wish that it also came with a hitting mat because the grass and dirt got inside the canopy when I practiced my irons. I guess this is not a big issue if you are practicing the driver off the tea but I would recommend that you get a hitting mat or a piece of carpet to put the ball on so the grass and dirt doesn't get inside the net. Overall, excellent unit for practicing your golf swings without having to go to the driving range and it can also be used as a canopy to provide shade from the sun. Highly recommend it.

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