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Kamitty Unbreakable Long Golf Tees

Reviewed by David • December 7, 2022

awesome 50 pack of high tees that's hard to break

I love golf and I tend to tee high for drivers so I'm always buying long tees but they tend to break so much easier than regular size tees due to their height. After wasting so much money purchasing long wooden tees over and over, I finally bought this plastic unbreakable golf tees, which is super long, and I love it. It's something that I should have purchased from the beginning and I would have saved so much money...

It comes in 50 packs (yes, I actually counted to make sure there are 50 tees inside the bag) in a nice retail packaging bag. I really love these tees for the following reasons:

1) It's super long and it has 3 markers on the tee so you can always tee the ball with same height every time!

2) It's unbreakable plastic material. I actually lost more by forgetting to pick them up than breaking the tee. Just don't forget to pick it up after teeing off and 1 tee will last the entire game or more!

3) There are 8 tiny prongs that holds the golf ball on top of the tee, which causes less friction when drive hits the ball. Every little thing helps with your golf games!

Super long tees that is not breakable with markers on each tee so you can be consistent with your ball height. Price was excellent for 50 of awesome tees. Highly recommend it.

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