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K-Co Innovations Johny Jolter Plunger

Reviewed by David • April 1, 2022

works great when it's brand new but not over time...

I will have to say that this thing is amazing at first when it's in perfect condition. You put this under the clogged toilet water then pull back then handle, which pulls in the water inside and you push it in as fast as you can with the tip buried inside the toilet drain and watch this thing unclog anything!

I actually bought this twice because there's nothing like this one that can unclog the toilet better. However, my happiness and satisfaction for this amazing plunger didn't last very long time for both purchases. There's a inner sealer ring that appears to be made out of wax or some soft material and it wears out over time, creating a gap between the inner tube. When this happens, it can no longer pull in the water inside the pull as there's air leak inside. I wish there was a way to replace or have more permanent or longer lasting seal ring.

If your toilet clogs often then you still might want to consider purchasing this as long as you don't mind replacing it and buying a new one every few months. It's not cheap but it does work when the sealer ring is intact inside. I'm now debating if I should buy another one for the 3rd time... I really hope they will change the material for the sealer ring inside so that it will last longer.

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