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JT Eaton Cricket Attractant

Reviewed by David • November 1, 2019

Works wonders for Camel/Cave/Spider crickets + TIP

There is nothing like waking up to your wife or kids screaming top of their lungs in your family room in basement because they see a jumping cricket once in a while. These crickets are known as camel cricket, spider cricket, or cave cricket.

You don't see them during the summer but when outside temperature drops during late fall or early winter, they find their ways to make it inside your home as their winter survival instinct kicks in.

They are completely harmless and have no effect on your house but they certainly do have huge effect on making your kids and wife scream and run for their lives.

I was skeptical the very first time I purchased this back in 2014 but they really do work wonders because JT Eaton somehow figured out how to create a scent that attracts these crickets. I place them in the corner against the wall as soon as I encounter first cricket in the late fall and I usually don't see them afterwards because they are attracted to the scent and get trapped by the glue.

You will be amazed how many crickets this trap can catch. Many times, I have to replace the trap because it's full of crickets and there's no more opening to catch more crickets. I know it sounds and visually disgusting but this thing really works wonders and I would rather deal with throwing away a trap full of dead crickets than hearing my kids and wife screaming whenever they see a cricket inside our house. I wish I can give 6 stars for this amazing product.

TIP: I usually lean a cardboard against the wall to make a "tunnel", which seems to attract the crickets even more. Placing it under the sofa or behind a furniture also works very well.


It's getting cold now in NY and I saw first cricket in my finished basement couple of weeks ago so I placed few traps and it didn't fail me (see 2 new photos). This thing is really a wonder... It even managed to catch a fly and a centipede
If you have a cricket problem, look no further and just buy this trap. You won't regret it.

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