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JOYOR Electric Scooter for Adults Powerful 350W Motor

Reviewed by David • September 8, 2021

my favorite electric scooter so far! Read to find out why...

I have purchased 2 other electric scooters in the past but this is without any doubt my favorite one so far.
I have 500W with 38 mile range and 350W with 22 mile range electric scooters, and this one is 350W with 15.5 mile range.

Sure, this escooter does not go as fast as 500W one and the distance range is not as far as other two but it's also much lighter and compact. My 500W escooter is about 45 lbs in weight and my other 350W escooter is about 33 lbs, while this 350W one is about 25 lbs in weight and it can support up to 265 lb weight load!

So yes, the faster and longer distance range may be nice but they are bulkier and definitely much heavier due to bigger motor and larger rechargeable batteries. If you actually want to bring an escooter to work to help with your commute or take this on your vacation trip, the size and the weight will have significant impact on how portable and easy it is to carry it around in the car, bus, or train.


[+] This is actually an electric scooter for adults as it can support up to 265 lbs in weight.
[+] Up to 15.5 miles in single charge, which is more than enough for me to ride from my house to the train station, train station to work then back home after work, plus more!
[+] 3 electric ride/speed modes: 1) cruise mode: max speed of 3mph when walking with another person 2) Standard mode: max speed of 9mph, which is great for a child, 3) Super mode: max speed of 15.5mph for maximum speed and fun! The speed mode can be toggled by pressing the power button.
[+] Headlight on the front, which can be turned on by double pressing the power button.
[+] Tail light on the back, which blinks whenever you break for safety
[+] Quick fold and easy to carry - I can fold and unfold in just few seconds and it's light enough for me to carry it up the stairs or on to the train when commuting.
[+] Free app you can download on your smartphone then pair it using Bluetooth. The app has advanced features, setting and cool statistics.
[+] Color changing LED floor lights under the foot rest that looks really cool and fun, especially in the dark.
[+] Bright LED screen with battery level and speed.
[+] Double breaking system - you can break using the button on the left handle or using the rear wheel break for emergency, which automatically cuts off the power
[+] 8 inch solid wheels - no need to inflate the tires or having flats: always ready to ride!
[+] Great simple, solid, and great.
[+] Bell and kickstand is also a nice feature.
[+] It was packaged and protected well and all I had to do is attach the handle bar as the assembly.


[-] It has a mechanical bell similar to those found in bicycle and it would have been nice if it had an electric bell/horn but this is not a deal break as the mechanical bell works just fine and is easy to use.


10 out of 5 stars. As mentioned before, this is my favorite one out of 3 electric scooters I have. It's simple, and lightweight, making it very portable yet has enough power and range so you are not limited to do anything you want with it. We used to have Razor E100 electric scooter for my oldest son few years ago and it's a joke compared to this escooter.

I highly recommend this amazing electric scooter without any reservation. You will not regret it and will love it just as I do!

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