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Jelly Combo Multi-Device Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Reviewed by David • May 3, 2021

1 keyboard and mouse for 3 devices

I bought this for my son, who has Mini PC but also uses his iPad Mini as often.
I bought him a Bluetooth keyboard for him while back when I saw him writing and typing on his iPad for some of his school work and during group chat discussion but he stopped using it because he has another keyboard for his Mini PC so it was taking too much of desk space.

This was the perfect solution for him because this can connect to 1 device using USB receiver and 2 additional devices via Bluetooth!

The USB receiver is plug-N-play with any computer or laptop and you can start using the keyboard and mouse immediately after plugging in the USB receiver to the USB port.

What's really nice is the Bluetooth feature where this keyboard and mouse to connect to any devices that have Bluetooth, which is pretty much all PCs, laptops, tablets and even smart phones. My son is now using this keyboard and mouse for his Mini PC and iPad Mini.

The keyboard feels very nice and responsive. While it's very slim and low profile keyboard, I also like that it's a full size keyboard with a number pad and that switching among 3 connected devices is just 1 click away above the number pad with designated keys.

It works great with both PC and tablet without any issue. 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommended.

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