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jar-owl 146 Piece Home Improvement Tool Kit with Case

Reviewed by David • July 31, 2021

perfect starter tool kit that has it all and should last many years to come...

This isn't my first tool kit. My first tool kit was Craftsman from Sears but I ended up losing few pieces because the latch on the storage case were very flimsy and one of them completely fell off and the other one is also about to fall off. I had to glue velcro strap to hold them in place but I finally decided to get a new tool kit set to replace my first set.

This took kit set has so much more than my original set. I love that it also comes with tape measurement and bubble leveler. It also comes with variety of screwdrivers as well as ratcheting big driver with many bits and socket adaptors. The hammer, ratchet, adjustable wrench and plier are must-have standard tools as well as 6 combination wrenches.

I was very impressed with the number of driver sockets it came with. It basically covers all the sizes you will ever need at home. The set of hex (Allen) keys, 180 degree rotatable ratchet adapter, socket extension and assorted screw kits for wood and drywall are big plus.

Finally, I love the case that holds everything in place and the latch to close and lock the case works well and looks like it will last long time. This is a very good starter tool set kit and it sure is a complete kit. I highly recommend this took kit for home. You won't need anything else if you get this set. 5 out of 5 stars!

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