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IGEEKWELL Hoodies for Men Zip Up Heavyweight Sweatshirt

Reviewed by David • February 15, 2022

love the warm fleece lining inside even for hoodie and arms/sleeves!

Winter is coming soon and this is such a good looking hoodie sweatshirt in navy blue color.

I like that it has a full zipper in front so that it's easier to take off and wear without putting it through your head.

It also has a full fleece lining inside, including the hoodie and even the full arms and sleeves!

This will sure make me very warm during cold and windy days. It also has ribbed wrists so that it blocks any air coming in through the sleeves.

Very thick, plush, and soft yet warm and comfortable. Highly recommend this gorgeous looking hoodie sweatshirt. The size and fit is just right. I now wear this almost every day because it's cold in the morning these days. Love it!

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