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HutHomery Electric Wine Opener Set

Reviewed by David • October 13, 2020

works great and it will also make a great gift set 🍷

My wife and I drink red wine almost every night so we are always opening a new wine bottle twice a week.
Few years ago, we got a rabbit ear wine opener imitation model and it served us well but it started to fall apart and it doesn't work as well because mechanical parts and screws are coming off and loose.

We decided to replace and upgrade our wine opener with this electric one and we could not have been happier.
We got to try last night for the first time and it was breeze and much easier to open the wine compared to manual opener. Now that we used this automatic opener, I don't think we can go back to a manual one...


[+] Comes in a fancy packaging box, which is also perfect for gifting
[+] Easy wine opener using 4 AA batteries.
[+] Comes with 2 stoppers, which are also fancy because it can remove air from the opened bottle and has a built-in dial to track when the bottle was opened. pretty neat.
[+] Comes with wine aerator pour and foil cutter
[+] Price!


[-] I wish it came with a storage case but I keep them in the original box liner
[-] Batteries are not included so you will need 4 AA batteries if you need to use it to open a wine bottle


5 out of 5 stars! Wine opening made so easy and convenient! Oh, and there's a blue light that shines whenever wine opener is being used. I'm not sure if this is just for cool look or if this is the battery indicator light. I guess the time will tell once I use this to open many wine bottles. I will update if the color of the light changes or has any indication for low battery.

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