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Homz Heavy Duty Clothing Drying Rack

Reviewed by David • August 23, 2020

almost PERFECT yet still the BEST drying rack on the market!

A picture is worth a thousand word and I have many pictures to prove to you why this is the best drying rack on the market! I have short version and long version to share why this drying rack is almost perfect!

Short version:

WHAT I LIKE (in the order of most importance):

[+] Stainless steel all around, including the hinges! Other stainless steel drying racks have plastic hinges.
[+] One hinge for each arm! This is the only drying rack that has two hinges. All other drying racks have two arms connected to the single hinge.
[+] Takes just seconds to set up or to fold down. It's even easier and faster than other drying rack due to its clever "leaning" design.
[+] Feels sturdy and heavy duty compared to other plastic drying rack.
[+] It folds flat for easy storage.
[+] No assembly needed as it came in one piece inside a big box.
[+] Has protective plastic caps to cover the sharp ends and corners.


[-] The plastic caps can slide out. They need to glue them down to secure them in place so you don't lose them, exposing sharp edges.
[-] I wish the rod/pole was wider. It's less than 20" wide, and standard beach towels are 32" wide.
[-] A place to dry shoes/sandals on the legs or even additional rods would have been a nice touch!

Long version:

Our family of 5 joined a local swimming pool club 2 years ago so we go swimming 3 to 4 times a week during the summer. We needed a way to dry the beach towels and swimming clothes quickly without having to run a dryer 3 or 4 times a week, which can be unnecessary cost when we can use the sun during the hot summer.

I ended up purchasing AmazonBascis Gullwing Drying Rack 2 years ago, and I had good experience with it until one of the arms broke off this year. The arms were connected to a plastic hinge and it basically snapped off and there's no way to fix or put it back together. So I decided to do some research on drying racks before jumping into buying another one to replace the broken drying rack.

My first requirement was that it had to be a stainless steel material so that it's less likely to break and snap off.
I realized that there are many stainless steel drying racks and while all of them refers to a heavy duty drying rack, I noticed that while the drying rack was made out of stainless steel, the hinges and the joints were still plastic!

After flipping through pages of drying racks, paying close attention to the hinges I finally found this Heavy Duty Drying Rack by HOMZ. I was really excited because not only the hinge was all stainless steel but this was the only drying rack that had separate hinge for each arm! This means that the weight of each arm is separated and distributed to its own hinge, making it more stable and providing stronger support.

I also love its "leaning" design on how the arms are supported with rods. The other drying racks have support claws as well as clip-ons that need to be "hooked" on to the rod, which takes some time to set up and to take down, but this "leaning" design is so easy, quick, and yet still very effective and stable!


Easily 5 out of 5 stars! I highly recommend this heavy duty all stainless steel drying rack without any hesitation. I would give 10 stars if some of my suggestions on how to make it better was added, and it would be the perfect drying rack. Either way, it's still the best drying rack on the market for the price. If you are in a need of a drying rack, just buy this and you won't regret it.

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