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HKYYYD Solar Watering Can with Lights

Reviewed by David • September 6, 2022

drop-dead gorgeous on any lawn or garden

We have many solar powered lawn, landscape, and pathway lights around our house because my wife loves to see them light our pathways and yards at night, not to mention they don't incur any electricity as they use the natural sun light as free electricity. When I saw this solar powered watering can with lights, I just knew I had to get it for my wife and I was right.. she was ecstatic when she saw this and couldn't believe how cute it was but when she saw it lit for the first time at night, she couldn't believe how beautiful it is.

These came inside a bubble wrap in the box and does need some easy assembly, which literally takes a minute or two. The rustic look on the steel body is very well crafted and love the different size stars opening around the body to let the lights out but the water flowing effect with LED string lights is just beautifully executed. I really appreciate that it also comes with garden post with a hook on top so you can hang this on anywhere and the large solar panel on top can take in the sun light during the day and have enough battery to last all night until the morning. So many people have already commented on this solar powered watering can decoration in front of my house. Just beautiful and so pretty. I highly recommend it. 10 out of 5 stars!

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