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HILOLY LED Modern Standing Lamps 2-in-1

Reviewed by David • April 7, 2022

perfect floor lamp for our bedroom behind a standing mirror

We got this floor lamp for our master bedroom and it turned out to be perfect for a corner spot because we have a standing mirror on that spot. Due to its unique bi-directional 2 lights, the main light can be used to light up our room and the small light is used to light the standing mirror, which is absolutely perfect as it hangs over the top of the standing mirror to illuminate what you see in the mirror!


[+] Love the bi-directional 2 lamps in 1
[+] Each light can be independently turned on/off, change brightness and even color temperature
[+] Multiple brightness and color temperature for both lights, which can be changed using touch control on the lamp pole
[+] Looks modern and sleek
[+] The lamp head can be tilted in any angle
[+] 60 minute timer to automatically turn off after you fall asleep and/or to save electricity
[+] Well packaged and easy to assemble with sturdy base and great user manual
[+] Perfect for standing mirror!


[-] Nothing!


Easily 5 out of 5 stars for our need and for our master bedroom. The lamp is bright enough for our bedroom yet it helps us see better in the standing mirror. Highly recommend this simple and elegant floor lamp.

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