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High Pressure Shower Head with Handheld

Reviewed by David • January 23, 2022

nice looking brushed nickel finish with multiple water spray options

Our master bathroom has a standing shower with handheld shower head.
We started to see some rust spots in the hose not to mention heavy mineral built ups in the shower head because our house has very hard water despite water softener we have.

My wife picked out this handheld shower head to replace our old one because she loves the brush nickel finish to match our bathroom decors but this turned out to be very impressive handheld shower head.

Although I have replaced shower heads many times in the past, it came with nice instruction on how to replace it for those who's not familiar with it. My only advise would be to use wrench to hold the base spout when removing and installing the holding adapter so you don't accidently twist and damage the base pipe when you over tighten it.

I really appreciate that it came with plenty of plumber's tape because you really want to put that on before connecting different parts so that there's no water leak in between threads. This is one of most common mistakes and reasons why there's leak after installing it. Very happy to see that they have provided plumber's tape to remind you to use it!

It also had rubber rings/washers in each connector but it also came with extra one, which is nice. They also included a shower drain cover to prevent hair from going in to the drainage, which is a nice bonus. I really love the brush nickel finish, which makes it look elegant and expensive. The 7 different water spray setting is nice to have so you can change it for different purpose. We will most likely leave it on one setting for most of the times but it's nice to have option to change it when needed, such as jet spray for cleaning the shower wall, etc.

After replacing the shower head, I didn't see any leak and the stainless steel hose feels sturdy. I also like that I can rotate and tilt the shower head holder and it stays in place. Overall, very happy with this shower head!

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