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High Intensity Propane Torch Head

Reviewed by David • March 13, 2023

heavy duty torch head for MAP Pro gas

I do some minor welding around plumbing in the house but I use this torch with MAP Pro gas mainly for searing steak and for melting ice dam on the roof during the winter.

Ice dam can cause big water damage to the house and it's a serious issue when it starts the leak inside the house so I first tried to break the ice dam with hammer but that can cause more damage than good so I carefully use this torch to melt the ice dam if needed. I don't recommend this doing it since it can go wrong badly but if used carefully, it can temporarily fix the ice dam problem.

But the main usage of this torch for me is to sear the steak! Yes, I have a gas grill but nothing get hotter than this torch and if you research about how to indirectly cook inside of steak then sear the outside with torch, you will find plenty of information and you can cook perfect steak with amazing caramelization outside using this torch.

Overall, very impressive and heavy duty torch head with all the bells and whistles. You have to turn the dial from OFF to ON in order to click the starter button and there's a LOCK button so you don't have to press and hold the ON button if you are using the torch for very long time. It also has flame adjustment knob, which needs to be turned on slightly in order to start this up as the dial can completely block the gas when it's off. The connector is solid brass and all high quality build all around. I do recommend this torch head if you are using it for MAP Pro gas cylinder.

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