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Heybike Explore Electric Bike for Adults 48V 20AH

Reviewed by David • April 3, 2022

This is the bike that Batman would ride!

I had and tried many different electric bikes before but nothing like this one until now. This one is truly a beast electric bike and something that Batman would ride through Gotham City while fighting criminals because this bike is so big, strong, fast, and sturdy as tank. It has so many unique and different designs from other electric bikes that it really sets its own standards and bar high. I know I'm going to miss mentioning something since it has so much to mention but I will do my best to cover as much as I can.


Big! Wow, I just couldn't believe how big the box was when it got delivered to my house. I didn't have time to open the box until the weekend and I barely found a spot to store the box inside my garage. I was also impressed with its impeccable packaging. Every part of the bike was wrapped and secured with thick zip ties and Styrofoam. It was so thoroughly packaged and wrapped that it took a while for me to untie and unpack everything. Kudos to the packaging team for a job well done.


Only assembly you need is the front wheel, mud guard for the front wheel and front headlight. The seat and the handle just slides in and you can secure and lock it without using any tool.
TIP: When attaching the front wheel, make sure to remove the tape wrapped around the front hand break because the disc break needs to be opened up in order to align and slide in the front wheel. I struggled to attach the front wheel only to realized this and when I remove the tape that was wrapped around the front hand break, it was very easy to install the front wheel. Hope this helps the trouble.


The bike itself is 80" long from front wheel to the rear wheel so it's very big and long. The fact that it has 26" x 4" fat tires makes it look even bigger but it just looks rock solid and built like a tank! I also love and appreciate the step-thru frame design because this bike does sit high up like other 26" bikes but step-thru design makes it easier to hop on the seat. The rear rack is nice to have in case you need to carry something heavy and you would just need some heavy duty bungie cords to tie them down on the rack. There's also a bottle holder on the front frame as well as optional place holder for a basket above the front headlight if you want one, which can be purchased separately.


This electric bike has 750W brushless motor powered by 48V 20AH lithium-ion battery! That's a powerful motor and a lot out juice to power it! There's 5 levels of speed you can choose and at level 5 speed, it can reach 25MPH in full electric mode in no time due to sick acceleration. The right handle has a twist throttle so it's just easy to use the electric mode. The huge 20AH battery allows up to 55 miles range in full charge using just pure electric mode, while providing up to 70 miles range using Pedal Assist Mode. The Pedal Assist Mode is awesome because you get to do some exercise by pedaling and the electric mode kicks in while pedaling so you can achieve up to 28MPH in this hybrid power mode!
I also like that this bike can be full manual when the speed mode is 0 and that it has Shimano 7-speed gear so you can still use this as full manual bicycle with multi speed gear.
The removable battery has very interesting and nice design. The battery is very large and super heavy due to its capacity so it sits behind the frame for the seat and there's a latch on the back of the seat to flip the seat saddle forward, opening the area to pull out the battery! Very clever design. I also like that the battery has a built-in large handle so you can easily grab, pull and carry it without fumbling it. Another clever design. It's nice that you can remove the battery so you can charge it inside the house or office.
Both wheels has mud guards, which is a nice tough and a must-have for these fat tire bikes so that mud doesn't fly around and hit you. I also love the front wheel suspension, which can be turned on or off by turning the switch. It makes a huge difference when riding in rough terrain, allowing more comfortable ride due to great suspension on the front wheel and under the seat.
The large LCD screen in the middle is very easy to read and gives you all the information about the setting and current stats such as battery level, speed, distance, and mode. While this bike tops at 25MPH at level 5, you can change and set it to level 2 or 3 if you think 25MPH is too fast for you.
It comes with 2 keys and you can lock/unlock the battery, as well as turn on/off the electric mode, which is nice if you don't want your young kids to ride this beast in full speed electric mode. Finally, it has very large and sturdy kick stand that can support this big bike and love the front headlight and very loud electric horn to warn the cars or people in front of you. I also love that the taillight blinks whenever you apply front or rear disc breaks. They really thought of everything when building this electric bike.


Easily 5 out of 5 stars for the pure power, massive battery capacity, and many clever design. It would have been really nice if this was a foldable bike since it's so long in length but I haven't seen many Explore bike that has folding design so it's not a deal breaker. This electric bike would be perfect for anyone by the beach or even in mountain as it can handle any road condition with 4" fat tires and shear performance power. I'm thoroughly impressed with it.

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