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HEXGEARS X3 TKL Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Reviewed by David • October 26, 2022

heavenly and so satisfying to use it, says my daughter

My daughter is very peculiar about the feel of the keyboard when typing and she's been asking for a mechanical gaming keyboard because of its texture and key stroke feel. When I saw this white (panda) mechanical keyboard, I knew she would like it since it matches her desk and room decoration but I didn't think she would fall in love with it and be joy to using it every day. In her words, she said it's heavenly and so satisfying to type in this keyboard 🥰


It was delivered in a shrink wrapped box, which means that there's no way for rain or snow to damage this box during shipment. The keyboard was inside a professional retail packaging box and well packaged. It came with a dust cover that fits and covers the keyboard perfectly and I could not believe how heavy the keyboard was. It's probably the most solid keyboard I ever felt.


Keyboard has a built-in rechargeable battery and it came with USB-C cable, which can be used to charge the keyboard or use it as corded keyboard. I appreciate that it's USB-C so it's easier to plug in and I also like that it's a nylon braided cable, which is more durable and flexible to use compared to traditional cable. The USB receiver was on the bottom of the keyboard and it's attached by magnet, which is also very neat design that I haven't seen in any other wireless keyboard or mouse. It has a foldable legs to raise the keyboard up and it also came with detachable wrist rest, which is also a nice touch.
Keyboard has backlight and you can choose from 10 different backlight effects. My daughter loves the wave effect where the light spreads out like a wave from the key that she presses. You can also control the brightness and speed of the light effect using the Fn key and arrow keys.


The keyboard feels amazing and it really responses well and just love the sound of key bouncing back. It's hard to describe in words but you just have to feel and hear the sound to know the difference from traditional keyboards. The battery supposed to last very long time once charged and even when the battery is low, you can just plug it in and use it as corded keyboard while being charged.


This is one of the best keyboard I ever felt and touched. I would have liked it more if it has replaceable battery since we have so many rechargeable batteries at home and I can just swap out with fully charged batteries when I see the low battery light blinking so that I never have to plug in the cable to charge the built-in battery but this is not a deal breaker. This keyboard deserves 10 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend it without any reservation. Thank you.

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