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HeroSet Ergonomic Big and Tall Office Chair

Reviewed by David • March 28, 2024

modern and stylish office chair that looks great and comfortable

I bought this amazing office chair for my wife, who has home office upstairs. She was using a PU leather office chair from IKEA for few years but hated the fact that wheels don't roll smoothly. Rather than rolling the chair, she had to drag them because they don't turn. You would think IKEA chair would be cheap but we spent $120 for it but now it was ready to be replaced and after shopping online, this chair caught my wife's eyes due to the style and design, and she absolutely loves it!

It was delivered in a box that was packaged impeccably with all the parts inside bubble wraps individually. Assembly was breeze with provided hex nuts, tool, and instruction. When assembly was finished, she loved the looks with white stitching and the shape but it was even better when she sat on it. Very comfortable and the material was very soft and feels expensive.

The flip-up armrests allows her to push the chair all the way inside the desk and wheels roll very smoothly, which she loves. It has very good lumbar support on the back and adjustable tilt mechanism allows her to set the tension for leaning backwards. She absolutely loves the look and feel of this chair and the best part is that it was delivered without us stepping out to buy it at the store for very reasonable price, if not less. Craftmanship on this chair is impressive and we highly recommend this office chair to anyone looking to upgrade their chair.

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