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hengxin Jump Rope with counter

Reviewed by David • October 14, 2018

This product review is for a jump role with a counter by hengxin.

I started getting into jump rope for my cardio exercise routine and I decided to shop around for a jump rope with a counter because I wanted to set a goal for each set but I kept losing track of my jump count after 70 or 80 jumps.

This is actually a great jump rope for its price and the counter works accurately and wonderfully with very easy reset button. I love the fact that the counter works without a battery. This mechanical counter is so much better than the digital one in my opinion.

There are, however, a couple of room for improvements that can make this jump rope a perfect, every day jump rope for anyone.

1. While this jump rope length is adjustable, I wish the jump rope was about 1 or 2 inches longer. I'm about 5 feet 11 and I feel like this jump rope is the perfect length for me but it might be too short for anyone taller.

2. It would be great if it included a cable protector (as you can see in the picture below). I'm not sure how well this jump rope can take the beating on a blacktop street but luckily I had a spare cable protector from an old jump rope.

3. The jump rope ends connected to the handles sometimes come off during the jumps. I can make a loop and tie it but that would make the jump rope shorter so I had to clamp the end piece of the jump rope to make sure they don't slip out (see picture below).

Having said that, I still like this jump rope and my daughter wanted one as well so I ended up buying the red one as well. It's super easy to adjust the length but again I wish there was a better way to hold the adjusted length rather than tying a knot or clamping them.

I highly recommend this jump rope as long as you don't mind these small missing improvements.

David's Conclusion


  • A very accurate mechanical counter that doesn't require a battery
  • Price


  • It may be a bit short for anyone 6 feet or taller
  • Does not come with a cable protector
  • The jump rope ends sometimes comes off (too easily)

My Wishlist

  • Include a cable protector
  • Include clamps or a better way to secure the rope adjustments to the handles
  • Make the jump rope at least 2 inches longer

Alternative Products

Full Disclosure & Final Thoughts

  • I wish I had know about Anser Jump Rope with Counter. Although I have not purchased the Anser jump rope, looks like it addresses the all 3 issues that I have mentioned about this hengixn jump rope.

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