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Heavyweight Full-Zip Fleece Hooded Heated Sweatshirt

Reviewed by David • November 25, 2022

absolutely love it!

This is one of my favorite winter sweatshirts I ever purchased. It looks like a normal sweatshirt from outside with very soft material and warm fleece lining inside but it has option to plug in a portable power bank to turn on the heat inside the sweatshirt! It doesn't come with a power bank so you will have to get one for yourself but I have few portable power bank and it works really well. Once you press and hold the button inside the jacket, you can press it to toggle among 3 different temperature options.

I've been wearing this sweatshirt every day and it really feels warm and comfortable. I also like the zipper pull tab but I only wish the zipper pulled up from the right side but it has the pull tab on the left side but this is not a big deal as I just have to get used to it. The fit was on par with the size. Highly recommend this awesome and lovely sweatshirt that not only looks and feels good but can keep you extra warm if you have a portable power bank. Easily 5 out of 5 stars!

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