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Heavy Duty Detachable Keychains Tool

Reviewed by David • March 3, 2021

simply the BEST keychain tool I ever purchased!

I purchased this keychain tool back in August 2013 and I still use it today every day.
After carrying it with me for over 7 years and countless times of detaching and attaching them back together, it's still solid and works flawlessly.

You might wonder why you would need this keychain... and I have 2 perfect use cases for this keychain.

1) I have 2007 Honda Pilot and it still needs car key to be inserted then turned to start the engine. There are many times when after I start my car in my driveway, I remembered that I forgot to bring something from the house but I have already locked the house so I had to turn off the car engine in order to take the house key with me.
Well, with this handy tool, I can quickly remove the rest of the car keys from the car key without turning off the engine! It takes less than 1 second to separate the keys! Really awesome and handy tool.

2) My son turned 17 years old and he's now driving my Honda Pilot time to time. He doesn't want to carry my bulky keys and just wants my car key. Well, he can easily separate them and take just the car key with him then put them back together when he comes back home!

No more breaking your finger nails and spending minutes trying to remove a key from your key ring.
This thing makes it so much easier and faster to separate a key from another.

You simply press the spring loaded end to pop the other side to separate them. I guess it is made out of high quality spring and material as it's still solid after 7 years of usage and carrying with me whenever I go outside.

10 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend this handy and awesome keychain tool!

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