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HBTower 18.5FT Aluminum Extension Ladder with Tool Tray

Reviewed by David • October 14, 2022

most versatile and super long extension ladder with many configuration options

This is a great outdoor ladder for many occasions. It folds into 4 sections for easy storage but it supports up to 7 different configuration for your needs. It was very well packaged and only thing that I needed to assemble was to attach a wide stabilizer bars on two ends of the ladder, which greatly increases the surface area that it touches on the ground for more stability. It also comes with removable tray that can hold a paint can and/or tools.

When using it as a step ladder, it's 9ft high from the ground, allowing me to reach almost any areas around the house. If I want to reach higher, such as the roof, I can convert this to extension ladder and it becomes almost 19ft long ladder, which is pretty amazing considering how stable and strong this ladder is. It's very quick, easy and safe to unlock the 3 hinges and it automatically locks itself when you unfold the ladder at specific angles. What's really cool about this ladder is that it can be also used as scaffold ladder with provided accessories so you can 5ft above the ground but you will have about 8ft of flat platform to walk around without coming down the ladders. This is great for painting or cutting the tall hedges without having to come down to move the ladder when you need to move to the next section.

The ladder is about 50lbs in weight, which is pretty lightweight considering how long it can get as well as how sturdy it feels. It can support up to 330lbs weight capacity and the material feels solid and well built. I don't think I will ever need to buy another ladder as long as I have this one. Easily 5 out of 5 stars!

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