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Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair Elastic Adaptative Adjustment Back Lumbar Support

Reviewed by David • February 24, 2023

replaced my Herman Miller chair

I had Herman Miller chair for about 10 years and I loved it except for 2 things: 1) the mesh seat was getting uncomfortable for me over time, and 2) it didn't have enough lumbar support. Although I loved my Herman Miller chair, I decided to get a new one with a soft cushion seat rather than mesh seat because I find cushion seat to be more comfortable when sitting for long period of time. I got this chair because of its mesh high back with mesh head rest but with cushion seat, as well as separate lumbar support from the back rest. The lumbar support is very impressive and I love that it's detached from the back rest as it provided separate support and resistance from the back rest.

The entire back rest can be adjusted in height and can go up and down based on your height, as well as both armrests. The assembly was straight forward and while I didn't need them, I also appreciate that they included spare nuts and screw for every parts. While minor, there are 2 improvements they can make to this already amazing chair that would make it a perfect office chair. First of all, I wish the height of the seat can be raised up higher. While the chair's height is perfect for a standard desk, I have a standing desk and I tend to leave the desk a little higher than a standard desk to store things under the desk. My Herman Miller chair as well as other office chairs seem to raise up higher than this one. Finally, while the separate lumbar support on this chair is amazing, it would have been even more awesome if it had an option to move forward or backward, adjusting the distance from your back. This is not a deal breaker since I have never seen any office chair that had this type of adjustment but then again, this is the first office chair I've seen that had separate lumbar support.

This chair is amazingly comfortable and I love it, especially the lumbar support, and it costs less than half of my previous Herman Miller chair. Can't go wrong with it. 5 out of 5 stars.

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