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💩 Hell of Shame

Havahart 1020 Live Animal Two-Door Mouse Cage Trap

Reviewed by David • November 10, 2022

I wanted to have a heart... but going back to a kill trap

I have many chipmunks in our backyards and they are digging behind our retaining wall and under our deck.
I got this live trap so I can catch and release them and I couldn't get larger live cage because we also have skunks and baby groundhogs. I actually once caught a skunk in a bigger live trap and had to pay the professional to remove it from my property so I'm not going to get any big enough live trap to catch them again.

Sadly, this live trap did not catch any chipmunks for more than a month. I did find that the trap was tripped with the both doors closed many times but there was nothing inside the trap. I believe the trap is too small for a chipmunk where they can go inside and trip it without their entire body inside the cage.

When it finally caught something, it was a small bird and it was hurt... You can see in the video that the bird is limping and hurt and even after I released it, it couldn't fly... it broke my heart.

So I'm not using this trap anymore and decided to not have a heart. Did some more research and got 4 different types of kill traps and caught 11 chipmunks in 2 weeks.

I tried to have a heart.. I really did but I spent thousands of dollars on a new retaining wall and I just can't afford to have it get ruined by chipmunks. I would not recommend this live trap for chipmunks but I do recommend this for small mice or birds. This particular trap is too small for a chipmunk.
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