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HANSTORM Adjustable Folding Sit Up Bench

Reviewed by David • August 22, 2023

3-in-1 awesome exercise bench for your abs and core strength training

My son and I have been working out and lifting weights. We have a small home gym setup and while my son has been getting bigger and ripped, I'm trying my best to stay fit while losing some weights.
He wanted to work on his core to get six packs and I wanted to work on my abs to lose few pounds around my waist so after doing some research, I bought this bench and I could not be more happy.

The bench was well packaged and needed minimal assembly. It has a timer/tracker so you can track repetition count, time, and even count per minute. What we like about this bench is that it's not just a typical sit up bench that can only be used for sit ups but it can also do 2 other exercises targeted for the abs, which are inclined leg raise and inclined climb crunch. Doing all 3 different exercises that specifically target your abs really burns your core and you start feeling it immediately. You can also change the incline angles, which is great and I love the fact that it can be easily folded to lean against the wall when not in use since our home gym space is very limited.

The glider cushion works very well and I only wish there was a way to attach weight plates to add more resistance for more advanced training but this is not a deal breaker as it gives you more than enough burns on your abs when you rotate and do all 3 different exercises for your abs. The cushion and paddings are very thick and comfortable, and the steel frames feel solid and durable. Very happy with this purchase.

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