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Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner 12v Portable Cordless Vacuum with Car & Wall Rechargeable Lithium-ion

Reviewed by David • July 23, 2021

most versatile: cordless or with cigarette lighter adapter

I bought a compact, rechargeable cordless car vacuum cleaner for my wife's luxury car last year.
It was very compact vacuum cleaner but she didn't like it for several reasons:
1) It has small rechargeable battery capacity so it had to be charged after few usage,
2) The bag-less chamber was too small so it would fill up quickly, requiring frequent emptying
3) While it came with a storage bag for the vacuum cleaner, it didn't have space to store accessories and charger so she had to get another bag for it.
4) The suction power wasn't that great.

The biggest problem with the previous car vacuum cleaner was the small battery capacity and when the battery is drained or weak, she could not use the vacuum cleaner at all until it's charged again. After very frustrating experiences, we finally decided to get another one and we found this perfect vacuum cleaner for the car that we should have bought in the first place.

This vacuum cleaner solved all our problems and frustrations because:

> It also has rechargeable battery so we can use it without a cord
> If the battery is drained or weak, we can plug into cigarette lighter socket and use it with the super long cord that it's attached to
> Much better suction power that we would expect from a car vacuum
> bag-less and washable filter with much bigger chamber
> Has multiple accessories for different cleaning needs
> Comes with storage bag that can fit everything inside

She just keeps this storage bag in her car trunk and uses it to vacuum her car once in a while because she likes to keep her luxury car clean. If she finds out that the battery is low, it no longer stops her from cleaning since she can simply plug it in to cigarette lighter socket to finish her vacuum then brings it in after to charge it at home using the provided AC adapter.

Sure, this vacuum cleaner is a bit bigger than her previous compact vacuum cleaner but at least this is now functional and usable even when the battery is low. It's still small and lightweight compared to other vacuum cleaners and we just love the versatility. Very well designed. Highly recommend this for any car. Easily 5 out of 5 stars!

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