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GYMAX 56inch Olympic Hex Bar

Reviewed by David • May 21, 2021

much better than squats... a MUST-HAVE exercise equipment!

It's very easy to neglect the lower body when working out and strength building so I purchased a barbell and squat stands few years ago to work out my lower body and legs.
Squat is amazing exercise but unless you have a place to permanently store your squat stands, it's kind of hassle to set up the stands then to lift and put the barbell on the squat stands.

My wife also wanted to work out on her legs and glutes, and again squats would be the perfect exercise but she's too small and not strong enough to lift the barbell on the squat stands by herself and she also didn't like to have the barbell on her shoulders.

This Hex Trap Bar was the perfect solution for her! There's literally nothing to set up and you just have to go stand inside the trap bar then just hold the handles and start doing dead lifting with it.
It's actually much better than dong a deadlift with a barbell since you are the center of the gravity rather than the weight bar in front of you.

I love the fact that the handles rotate and can store flat so that this hex bar can be stored away flat if needed.
It also comes with 2 snap springs but I currently don't have any 2" weight plates as all my weight equipment are for 1" plate but this hex bar itself is about 40lbs so my wife actually don't need any additional weights as this is already heavy for her!

She's been using this for her daily exercise and she loves it. The day after the first night, she said her glutes and thighs were very sore from working out.
I'm a volleyball player and I know that deadlift exercise is one of the best training to increase the vertical so I need to buy few 2" weight plates for myself so i can use this to work out as well!

5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend this for anyone who wants alternative to squats for working those hips, glutes, and lower body. Awesome product.

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