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Grounded Sport Ultra Lightweight Compact Cooling Towel

Reviewed by David • December 10, 2018

This product review is for Ultra Lightweight Compact Cooling Towel by Grounded Sport, specifically for 3-pack 12" x 39" size.

I was looking for a towel to wipe my sweat off my face during my workouts at home and at the gym, and came across this towel.
I honestly don't know what it means by 50/50 Bamboo/Nylon blend material but it's not stiff or raggedy on your face or skin (I thought maybe bamboo might cause that texture) but rather it's very soft and silky.

You have to understand that this is not like terry cloth towel hanging in your bathroom sink or shower. It feels more like wicked polyester shirt you wear to play sports except it's a bit more soft. I guess the idea is to transfer the sweat from your skin to this towel by wiping it and it will dry quickly rather than staying damp so you can use it to wipe your sweat again later.

The small dots/squares on the face of the towel does give some texture to the feel so it's not as slippery or silky as polyesters.

I like the fact that this towel is super light weight so it's easy to manage and handle when you are at a gym or even when I'm outdoor playing volleyball in sand court (hang in around your neck or on a gym equipment bar).

It's super easy to wash and dry so I will always have a clean one even when I'm working out every day since it comes in 3 pack.

David's Conclusion


  • Super light weight
  • Wiped sweat dries up quick


  • None

My Wishlist

  • I wish it can incorporate some of terry clothes for better absorbent
  • Maybe a slightly lower price point?

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Full Disclosure & Final Thoughts

  • I use this towel when playing volleyball outdoor or when working out at a gym

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