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Goreit 90000 Lumens Tactical flashlight

Reviewed by David • February 23, 2023

only flashlight you will ever need!

This is amazing flashlight with tons of feature and extras that you won't find in any other flashlights.
First, it comes inside a case for nice organizing and storage. The case has a strap for hanging.
Inside the case, you will find the main tactical flashlight as well as mini keychain flashlight.
The keychain flashlight is great because it has a built-in carabiner so it can easily attach to a keychain or backpack but it also has a built-in bottle opener as well as magnet on the back and a foldable kickstand. The mini flashlight is not only bright but it has strobe light feature, which will really come handy to warn the cars on the road if my car ever breaks down on a shoulder.

The main tactical flashlight has 90000 lumens, which is insanely bright but the best part is that if can be zoon out or in for your needs. I love that it has LCD screen with exact battery level remaining in digital numbers and it has 3 different brightness plus strobe and SOS light mode. I can just press the button for 3 seconds to turn it off at anytime without cycling through different modes, which is very smart design.

I love that it can be powered by 3 AAA batteries using the provided adapter or using 5,000mAH rechargeable battery, which can be charged using USB-C charging port. It also has USB-A port, which can be used to charge other devices, making this flashlight a portable power bank!

The tactical flashlight is heavy duty and is IP67 waterproof. It can be used as a weapon or hammer when needed during emergency and I also appreciate the built-in wrist strap to make sure you don't lose it in case of emergency. This is mother of all flashlights in my opinion. Highly recommend it.

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