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Glass Necklace Organizer Holder

Reviewed by David • May 17, 2023

beautiful jewelry organizer that is also very functional

I got this for my wife so she can keep her jewelry collection inside this case because I always see her wiping dusts off from her necklaces and rings. This is glass enclosed organizer so not only you can see through what's inside the cage but it protects any dusts or spills from outside once it's closed in. It glides out very easily to open and for easy access. It has many necklace hangers on top and it has a separate compartment for rings as well as any bigger jewelry such as wrist braces. It also has holes on top below the necklace hook for hanging ear rings. This is aesthetically good looking jewelry organizer that also protects your most valuable jewelry and still lets you admire your jewelry collection through the see-through glasses. The gold color finish also makes it look very expensive and elegant. My wife loves it so I highly recommend this.

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