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Gikking Wireless Gaming Headset with Noise Cancelling Microphone

Reviewed by David • November 3, 2022

awesome and most versatile gaming headset!!!

I have 2 sons who love to play games on console and computers so I had my own shares of buying gaming headsets for them. Initially, they were happy with wired gaming headsets but one of my sons recently wanted to get a wireless gaming headset so there's no wire dangling in front of him while playing game, not to mention he can go to the rest room without having to remove the headset from his head. After doing some research, I got this wireless gaming headset because of the price but it turned out to be so much better than what I expected.

What's really awesome about this wireless gaming headset is that it has both Bluetooth connectivity as well as USB receiver option. For PC and Mac, the USB receiver is so much better since it's not only plug-N-play but it has better connection and lower latency when compared to Bluetooth connection, which means less lag and superior sound quality. It has a flexible and adjustable microphone that can be easily attached or removed if you simply want to use this headset for listening to music.

It has control buttons on the back of each earcup so you can easily feel and press it using your thumbs, which allows you to change volume, skip the songs, and mute the microphone. It also has LED light on both sides that changes in color, as this is a gaming headset after all.

My son loves this headset because he can use it to play online games on his PC with his friends then connect to his iPhone to listen to music from Spotify using Bluetooth connection. It's like having 2 headsets for price of 1. Highly recommend it. Easily 5 out of 5 stars.

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