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Full Face Respirаtor, Compatible with 40 mm Filter Canister and Activated Carbon Air Filter

Reviewed by David • August 10, 2022

simply amazing and could not have done it without this full face respirator!

Our master bathroom is very small and 4 people take shower in that bathroom every day so all the hot water and steam from the shower get accumulated in the ceiling and it developed mold and ceiling started to peel off. I decided to take this matter in to my own hand to clean it up and to repaint but I wanted to make sure I have sufficient protection so that I'm not breathing any bad stuff or things to fall into my eyes or faces so I got this full face respirator and I could not be any satisfied. There's no way that I could have fixed my master bathroom ceiling without this amazing full face respirator.

I first spread enough white vinegar on the ceiling for over 2 days as it's the most natural way to kill any molds. I then used metal brush to scrap off molds and loose dry wall ceiling. While white vinegar is very strong, it did not bother me at all because I was wearing this respirator. Scrapping off molds and wet/loose dry wall ceiling didn't bother me either because my full face was covered and protected.

I then applied joint compound in uneven and broken ceiling areas. Once the compound was dried, I sanded the ceiling using a handheld sand block and a tons of dust powders were fill inside the bathroom but again, it didn't bother me as my entire face was covered and protected. It looked like I was covered in snow or white dust all over my face mask and shirt. I can't even imagine what it could have been if I wasn't wearing this face respirator. After sanding, I applied primer then put 2 coats of paints, which are oil based paint that prevent mold and mildew growth. Again, the strong primer and paint smell didn't bother me at all, thanks to this awesome full face respirator. 10 out of 5 stars. It was worth every penny. Highly recommend it!

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