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FreshKeeper Cereal Containers Storage Set

Reviewed by David • February 9, 2023

perfect for cereals and snacks under the cabinets

Many cereals now come in a large plastic bag rather than inside a box these days. While the price is cheaper to get the cereals inside a plastic bag compared to a box, it's more difficult to store and pour from the plastic bag. I understand that it's probably cheaper and environmentally more friendly to sell in a plastic bag rather than a box (since there has to be a plastic bag inside the box anyways) so we got this cereal containers to keep them air tight to preserve the freshness.

It came inside a nice retail box and comes in 2 packs. I really like the groove design on both sides of the container, which allows easy holding with one hand without being slippery. The top and the lid both have air tight seals and the lid locks in placed when closed. The lid stays open without holding if you push the lid all the way back until you hear a click sound!

These are perfect size for storing under the kitchen cabinets and they take much less counter space compared to my other round container due to its slim design. Oh, it also came with a cleaning brush, which is nice but the opening on top is wide enough to use my hands to clean inside when the top is removed. Looks clean, simple yet very functional. Highly recommend it.

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