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FLSLHS Bathtub Shower Drain Hair Trap

Reviewed by David • May 2, 2021

so much better than TubShroom

I had TubShroom for our bathtub since 2017 and they work well. I believe they are the one who revolutionize and solved the hair clog problem for bathtubs.
However, after using the TubShroom for over 4 years, it does get really nasty and moldy so I have to dunk it inside a cup full of Clorox to sanitize and kill all the germs and to make it look somewhat clean again.

When I saw this drain hair catcher, which looks very similar to TubShroom, I just had to get it because of the fact that it comes in 2 pack and it appeared to made enhancement to TubShroom to make it better.


✔️ It comes in 2 pack for the half the price of TubShroom. You actually want to get 2 pack so you can switch it out while cleaning or sanitizing the one that you were using before.
✔️ It has bigger draining holes so water drains better.
✔️ It has spikes around and it definitely catches the hair better than TubShroom without the spikes!
✔️ It has handle on the top so it's easier to grab and remove.

If you don't have one of these, I highly recommend them because you have no idea how much hair goes down the drain until it completely clogs the drain. We had to call a plumber in 2017 to unclog the tub drain when he pulled out 2 feet of hair snake..

Easily 5 out of 5 stars. This is easy to use, remove, clean and is really good at what it does, which is to catch hairs from going down the drain. Highly recommend it without any reservation.

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