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Fivkle Snow Tube, 47inch Inflatable Freeze-Proof, Wear-Resistant Snow Sled

Reviewed by David • November 15, 2020

sturdy and big enough to adults and teenagers

Our house is on a hill and we have a down slopes in our front yard so our kids ride snow sleds whenever we get snow.
Well, I decided to up the game by getting this snow tube and I couldn't be happier.
This thing is big enough and fluffy enough for any adult and teenager, and it going to be faster than any snow sleds going down the hill!

Unlike the plastic snow sleds, I love the fact that it can be deflated and folded flat for storage during off seasons.

It has clever dual air chamber system so that you can inflate and deflate quickly using the first chamber then use the 2nd chamber to inflate slowly without losing any air.

The handles are nice touch and it's just like the ones we used in snow tubing mountains.
It comes with 2 repair patch tapes and the material is very thick and strong.

Can't wait until the first snow day for some fun snow tubing action. Will update with video when we get our first now.

5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend it.


This thing was a beast. It was faster than any other snow sleds we have and our kids were all fighting over this snow tube. This thing is perfect for any snow condition and no matter how heavy or light the person riding this tube!

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