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Finnhomy 3 Drawer Vertical File Cabinet with Lock

Reviewed by David • December 1, 2023

wow... impressive heavy duty metal fil cabinets!

Please note that you will need to assemble this file cabinets but rest assure that this is one heavy duty metal file cabinet once you assemble it using easy to follow assembly instruction. The box that it came inside was over 60lbs in weight so you will need another hand to lift and carry it to the room where you want to assemble it from. The content of the file cabinet was impeccably packaged inside the box with plenty of Styrofoam and protectors around the corners to make sure they are not damaged in any ways during shipping and handling.

It also included the tool and a pair of work gloves so you don't need anything else in order to assemble this file cabinet. It was easy to understand and pretty straightforward as it only took about 30 minutes for me to fully assemble this awesome file cabinet. I also appreciate that it includes 25 legal size hanging folders in different colors as well as tabs. Once I finished the assembly, it was really good looking and professional looking file cabinet where each drawer glides open and close very smoothly with ease.

I love the safety feature where only one drawer can be opened at a time, which will prevent accidental tipping. It also included a wall mounting screws but I didn't see a need to use that. I also appreciate the 2 included keys that allows me to lock the cabinet if I don't want anyone to access the content inside the file cabinet. My favorite feature is that the file folders are hung from side to side rather than typical front to back. My old file cabinet had file folders hang from front to back so it was difficult to get to the file folders in the back as I had to pull out the drawer all the way out then reach in to the back to get the folder on the back side but since this cabinet hangs folder side to side, all file folders are equally visible and accessible! This kind of small design makes a big difference in terms of usability and convenience.

Overall, very happy with the end product and its quality. I would recommend this to my friends and family looking for a heavy duty file cabinets. 5 out of 5 stars!

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