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FEZIBO Standing Desk Mat with Anti Fatigue Bar

Reviewed by David • March 5, 2021
Please note that this post was updated on September 12, 2021.

A GAME CHANGER! Read this if you have a stand up desk...

I've been working from home for last 10 years but I have a bad lower back and sitting on my desk for long period of time doesn't help.
I recently changed my desk to a stand up desk and I love it! This is something that I should have done 10 years ago! My back feel much better since my posture is better and I feel more energetic working while standing up.

However, the bottom of my feet started to hurt after a while so I was forced to lower my desk to sit to alleviate the soreness of my soles. I started searching for soft pad with cushion to stand on but that's when I came across this amazing Anti Fatigue Bar, and I'm so happy I found this because this is a total game changer!

First of all, the little bumps on the top surface is very rubbery and soft. I was afraid that it might hurt my soles even more but it actually acts as a cushion with texture! I also love the center of the board where i can rub and massage my sole.

The movement of the board is almost unnoticeable so it doesn't affect your work. I can rock side to side and still type. It keeps your legs and body busy so I'm sure this is better for your entire body, not to mention it's burning some calories!

WOW... After using it for 5 days, I haven't sat on my chair from 9 am to 6 pm while working at my stand up desk!!!
I even ate my lunch at my desk standing up and the first time I sat was during the dinner time! This anti-fatigue bar is so comfortable that you forget you are standing up! Simply amazing!


One of the massage point rubber broke off in less than 1 year. Changing to 4 stars but I still think it's pretty good product!


The bottom separated from the wood... very disappointing that it didn't last over a year...


3 out of 5 stars! I still recommend this to anyone with a stand up desk!
This is a MUST-HAVE and I feel like every stand up desk should come with this board but it won't last over a year... This is no longer David's Choice product due to the poor craftmanship.

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