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Fellowes Powershred Performance Oil

Reviewed by David • January 13, 2019

This product review is for Powershred Performance Oil by Fellowes, specifically for 12 oz. bottle.

I must admit that I'm a paranoid freak who must shred all important documents, especially bills and receipts.

My wife told me that I really abuse my shredder without paying over time... so that's why I got this shredder oil!

This is a must have if you have a shredder that you use often and would like to keep it in shape for long time...

*** TIPS ***

  • If your shredder has a Reverse mode then put the oil across the opening while running in reverse mode. Make sure your shredder basket is not empty by shredding few papers first so that oil is absorbed by the shredded paper rather than on the basket.
  • If your shredder does not have a Reverse mode, place several pieces of paper on the shredder then while holding the top of the paper, put the oil across the paper in the mid section then turn on the shredder. This will prevent oils from dripping down too fast.
  • Wrap the bottom of this oil bottle with aluminum foil (see picture) so that it will catch any oil drips and you don't have to hold and touch sticky oils on the bottle.

I took the picture next to a soda can for a scale.

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