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FelixKing Ergonomic Desk Chair with Adjustable Height

Reviewed by David • December 13, 2021

comfortable and looks amazing

We recently upgraded my daughter's desk to bigger L-shape one and she decided to get a white desk to match her bed frame and room décor. Her previous desk was black and so is her leather chair. She wanted to get a new chair to match her desk and room so we were looking for what office chair and she felt in love with this one as soon as she saw it.

It came in a rather small box but that's because it requires assembly. The instruction for the assembly was very clear and all the parts and tools were provided, labeled, and easy to use. It literally took less than 30 minutes to assemble the chair and it looked perfect when it was put together.

I really like that the armrests can be raised up 90 degrees so that the chair can be pushed all the way in under the desk or if my daughter needs to go sit as closest as possible to the desk.

The seat cushion is very plush and comfortable and she really likes the mesh back, which keeps her back cool yet also comfortable. The height can be adjusted and the wheels roll very smoothly but she just loves the look of the chair, which matches her desk. Overall, I'm impressed with the material, look, and sturdiness of the chair. My daughter is a teenager girl who's very light but this chair can be used by any adult as well.

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