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Evajoy Insulated Leakproof Camping Cooler

Reviewed by David • June 20, 2023

amazing cooler bag with so many options

This is one sweet cooler bag to own for the summer. We took this cooler bag to the beach, pool club, and even on a road trip. It will keep the content cold all day and for more than a day even when it's been outside on a hot day, thanks to thick, multi-layer insulation. Why spend twice or even 3 times more on a similar cooler bag just for a brand name when this can perform just as well with more bells and whistle?

I love this cooler bag because :

1) It can be carried as a backpack using 2 shoulder straps. It has padded back panel with raised pads for air ventilation, keeping your back cool even when lugging this on your back for long time.

2) It also comes with a wide, detachable shoulder strap if you wish to carry this on one shoulder instead.

3) There are so many handles with comfortable grip all around the bag: top, side, and front so you can easily lift from any angle and position.

4) T-shaped zipper pull so strong grip for easier opening and closing the zipper.

5) Mesh pocket on the side and optional zippered pouch for additional storage, which has a bottle opener attached to it. There's also soft zippered pouch on a shoulder strap to store phone, key, etc.

6) Large and deep compartment with thick, multi-layer insulation that keeps the content cold all day. For long road trip, I cover the top with ice but for a beach or pool, I use the reusable ice blocks.

The price is amazing for everything it can do. I only wish that the smaller zippered pouch can be easily attached and detached using a buckle rather than straps but this is not a deal breaker since other cooler bags don't provide this extra storage pouch. This is one truly amazing cooler bag that is very versatile and works very well. It's the first thing that we look for whenever we go out for picnic, swimming or road trip. Highly recommend it. Easily 5 out of stars!

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